Planning Commission Members

Commissioner Edwin H. HumphreyClermont County Board of Commissioners
Commissioner David L. Painter Clermont County Board of Commissioners
Commissioner Claire B. CorcoranClermont County Board of Commissioners
Isaac Anderson, Alternate for Commissioner Humphrey
Natalie Fiscus, Alternate for Commissioner Painter
VacantAlternate for Commissioner Corcoran
Vacant, Chair
Jeff Ashba, Vice-Chair – Resident of Washington Township
Amy Vilardo, Secretary – City of Milford Appointee
Dwayne Boso – Resident of Union Township
Mark Burgess – Resident of Miami Township
Donna Cann – Resident of Pierce Township
Darin L. Hinners – Resident of Wayne Township
Duane F. Phelps – Resident of Batavia Township
Timothy Wood – Resident of Williamsburg Township