Algal Bloom in Ohio River at Chilo Lock

Algal blooms in the Ohio River in Clermont County

BATAVIA, Ohio (Sept. 4, 2015) -- With the Labor Day Weekend upon us, Clermont County Public Health wants to make sure that anyone planning to spend time on the Ohio River is aware of the algal blooms that are present in the river.  The blooms which were first sited in Clermont County earlier this week, may reach dangerous levels of toxins over the weekend.  Current testing by the EPA indicates that toxin levels are not yet in the range that would call for a no contact advisory but with the predicted slow current of the Ohio River and temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s the toxin levels may continue to increase.  Clermont County Health Commissioner Julianne Nesbit said “Anyone planning to spend time near the river should pay close attention to the Harmful Algal Bloom Advisories posted by the EPA.”  Even if there is a No Contact Advisory the water is still safe for boating as long as you avoid contact with the water. 

These advisories can be found on the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s website at:

For more information about the dangers of Harmful Algal Blooms and how to protect yourself and your pets please visit:

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