Clermont County Community Alternative Sentencing Center

The CASC program is currently open.

For program questions, please contact the CASC Program Manager at 513.735.8391 or

For administrative questions, please contact Tom Eigel, Assistant County Administrator at 513.732.7301 or

CASC provides innovative behavioral and medical treatments for drug and alcohol offenders that are referred by the Clermont County Municipal Court.

FAQs about the Community Alternative Sentencing Center – CASC

Q: I have a loved one in the CASC program. How can I put money on their account?
A: You can’t put money into an account for CASC clients. There is no commissary at CASC. The program provides everything they are permitted to have in the program.
Q: Can CASC participants call home?
A: No. The program is designed for the participants to focus on themselves without distractions.
Q: Is visitation permitted?
A: Participants are permitted visitation on Thursday evenings @ 7:15P, 7:45p or 8:15p and Sunday afternoons at 12:30p, 1p, 1:30p, 2p, 2:30p, 3p, or 3:30p. To visit, the participant must sign a release for the person visiting. CASC staff will call them and schedule a visitation time. Visitors must bring a picture ID and show it before the visit begins.
Q: What will my loved one be doing while in CASC?
A: CASC is a holistic treatment approach for people with drug- or alcohol-related legal charges. The areas of study include not only drug and alcohol issues but also vocational assistance to help obtain work upon release, life skills such as relationships, anger management and interacting with one’s children. Community support groups of all kinds are scheduled at CASC, along with yoga, nutrition and personal responsibility.
Q: What happens to my loved one after completing the CASC program?
A: The answer to this depends on a variety of factors. Participants may still be involved with the courts or probation, may be referred for aftercare treatment at Clermont Recovery Center or other places. Each individual’s circumstance is different.
Q: Where can I obtain more information about the CASC program?
A: You can reach the Project Manager by calling 513.735.8391. Kindly remember that confidentiality prohibits information about individuals being discussed  over the phone.

CASC – Year 1 Report (Sept 15-Aug 16)