Clermont County Community Alternative Sentencing Center

The CASC program is currently open and accepting new clients.

The CASC program seeks to provide innovative behavioral health and medical treatments for community members who are struggling with substance use disorders and are connected to the Clermont County Municipal Court system.  The program is located on the same campus as the Clermont County Jail facility.

The CASC program utilizes a combination of proven treatments that address coping skills, recovery supports, education around the disease model, healthy relationships, connection to medical care, and medication assisted treatment.  Each individual will also have access to employment specialists who will help  build work readiness skills and provide employment support. Peer recovery coaches inspire recovery through sharing their experiences and helping to connect to community supports.

The staff individualizes services to enhance the quality of life for each client and his or her support system.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating in the CASC program, you can talk with your legal representative about program eligibility.

Every path to recovery is different and unique. We are here to help light the path and support you in your journey.

For program questions, please call 513.735.8100.

CASC – Year 1 Report (Sept 15-Aug 16)