December 6, 2018

Commissioners approve $57.9 million General Fund budget for 2019

BATAVIA, Ohio (Dec. 6, 2018) โ€“ Clermont County Commissioners approved a 2019 General Fund operating budget of $57.9 million at their Dec. 5 session, a $1.7 million increase over 2018โ€™s budget.

The General Fund is the largest discretionary source of funds in the county, and finances 20 of 21 elected offices in Clermont County. (The Engineerโ€™s Office is funded through state gasoline taxes and driver license fees.) Clermont County Commissioners will also appropriate $196 million in 2019 for the other 119 special purpose funds under their budgetary control.

As required by law, 2019โ€™s budget is balanced, with expenses not exceeding projected revenues plus unobligated cash.

Sales tax revenue, which provides 46% of General Fund revenue, is estimated to be $28.3 million in 2019. The next two largest streams of revenue include charges for services, $10.1 million, and 16.5% of the General Fund; and property taxes, $8.9 million, and 14.5% of the General Fund.

In 2019, General Fund program areas will be funded as follows:

Personnel costs account for the largest share of the General Fund budget — $44.5 million, or 76% of the budget, with $13.7 million going to other expenses. The 2019 merit raise pool for county employees is at 2.25%.

โ€œOur General Fund appropriations budget has increased modestly over the last several years,โ€ said Commissioner Ed Humphrey, President of the Board of Commissioners. โ€œWe go into 2019 in good fiscal shape and we will continue to ensure that our spending stays within our means.โ€

For questions, contact Office of Management and Budget Director Mary Rains,, 513.732.7988.


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