Legal Notices

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Bid Opening: Maintenance and Repair of the Water and/or Wastewater Systems and Appurtenances
Post Date(s): 07/16/20
Designated Date(s): 07/30/20

Bid Opening: Sheriff’s Office Targeting System
Post Date(s): 07/16/20
Designated Date(s): 08/13/20

Notice of Viewing and Final Hearing: Proposed Vacation of a Portion of Ladina Lane-Stonelick Township, Clermont County, Ohio
Post Date(s): Two Consecutive Weeks Commencing on 07/16/2020
Designated Date(s): 08/12/2020

Bid Opening: Miamiville Area Water Main Replacement
Post Date(s): 07/02/2020
Designated Date(s): 07/30/2020

Bid Opening: Locust Lake Lift Station and Conveyance Improvements
Post Date(s): 06/25/2020
Designated Date(s): 07/16/2020

Public Hearing: Procedures to Change the Name of Charmalee Drive off State Route 132 (T-526) to Houser Lane
Post Date(s): 06/25/2020
Designated Date(s): 07/22/2020

Legal Notice: Clermont County is Proud to Offer Personal Property no longer necessary for County use by Internet Auction-Calendar Year 2020
Post Date(s): 01/30/2020 and 02/13/2020
Designated Date(s): Ongoing

Resolution: Boundaries of a Comm. Reinvestment Area/Designating a Housing Officer/Creating a Comm. Reinv. Housing Council/Tax Incentive Review Council
Post Date(s): 08/22/2019 and 08/29/2019
Designated Date(s): N/A