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Bid Opening: BMW Floc/Sed Basins 1 & 2 And Lake Intake Structure Evaluation, Rehabilitation & Painting Project
Post Date(s): 05/13/2021
Designated Date(s): 06/03/2021

Bid Opening: Security Upgrades 2021
Post Date(s): 05/03/21
Designated Date(s): 05/13/21

Bid Opening: Nine Mile WWTP Improvements
Post Date(s): 05/03/21
Designated Date(s): 05/27/21

Bid Opening : James E. Sauls Drive Transmission Main Project, Project No. 6401-60181 (located in the Village of Batavia, Batavia Twp., and Williamsburg Twp.)
Post Date(s): 04/22/2021
Designated Date(s): 05/13/2021

Legal Notice: Clermont County is Proud to offer Personal Property no longer necessary for County use by Internet Auction-Calendar Year 2021
Post Date(s): 11/05/2020 and 11/12/2020
Designated Date(s): Ongoing