Safety Champion: Christel Brown of Child Support

BATAVIA, OH — Administrative Supervisor Christel Brown serves as Clermont County Child Support’s main contact with Safety Coordinator Gary Caudill.

“Christel and her staff work with me to take preventive actions so that accidents will not happen,” Caudill said.

Brown added: “It’s my job. Anything that’s safety-related, I coordinate with him.” She works for Theresa Ellison, the assistant director in charge of Child Support, and supervises the clerical unit and the customer service window.

For example, once an injury claim was reported, she met with Caudill and showed him the area where the incident occurred. She assisted Caudill and Terri Brandenburg, Human Resources coordinator, with the investigation report.

During the investigation process, Brown and her associates made corrective measures to assure the accident wouldn’t occur again. Brown and her team perform routine observations of the area to make sure no items are stored incorrectly.

As part of Clermont County’s prevention efforts, Christel coordinates Toolbox Talks, informal safety meetings specific to the job at hand. These meetings established by Caudill are normally 10-15 minutes, and cover topics such as workplace and office hazards and safe work practices.

“You might not always think of an office setting as an environment with safety hazards, but injuries can and do occur in office spaces – and actions like those taken by Christel and her team help prevent them from happening,” Caudill said.