October 11, 2018

Auditor Office to begin digital imaging project countywide

BATAVIA, Ohio (Oct. 10, 2018) — The Clermont County Auditor’s Office is pleased to announce as part of the countywide reassessment project that Tyler Technologies, Inc., of Dayton will provide detailed, high-resolution street level images. Tyler Technologies’ field staff will photograph properties throughout the county from customized white vans that will be clearly marked with signs indicating that they are conducting an imaging project for the county. This imaging project will begin the week of Oct. 15, 2018, and continue into February 2019.

All personnel assigned to this project have been issued photo identification badges that will be visible at all times. Local law enforcement have been notified of van descriptions and their locations. All photographs are taken from public right-of-way whenever possible, but it may be necessary to pull into driveways to get an unobstructed image. No images will be taken of homeowners or children when present on residential properties, and license plates and open garages will be blurred from images.

“The countywide reassessment process is an in-depth review of every property in the county,” said Clermont County Auditor Linda L. Fraley. “Tyler Technologies will provide our county with accurate up-to-date property images and data so that our reviewers have the best information available to them to make an assessment that serves constituents fairly and equitably.”

Ohio Revised Code requires that all real estate in a county be viewed and reappraised every six years.

The digital imagery project will correct up-to-date property information improving the overall quality of the county’s real estate data, and save taxpayers money by making the property tax administration process more efficient. It will also assist homeowners with “before” photos in case of loss and validate property addresses to identify homes for fire, police and medical emergency response. All attributes of this project ultimately are to ensure fair and equitable property values.

Your cooperation in this important project is appreciated. For more information, please visit our website www.clermontauditor.org or contact the Clermont County Auditor’s Office at 513.732.7150.


June 21, 2018

June 28 meeting seeks input on Local Government Fund formula

BATAVIA, Ohio – A meeting with local jurisdictions to discuss the apportionment of the Local Government Fund for 2019-23 will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 28, at the Engineer’s Office, 2381 Clermont Center Drive.

Township trustees from throughout Clermont County and elected representatives of the county’s cities and villages are expected to attend. County Commissioners and members of the Clermont County Budget Commission will also attend.

Ohio’s Local Government Fund (LGF) is funded with general tax receipts of the state, and is distributed back to counties and cities in Ohio. The amount of the LGF is authorized in the state’s biennial budget.

Since Gov. John Kasich came into office, the Local Government Fund has been cut by 45%, according to reports. For 2018-19, the Local Government Fund is $381.8 million compared to $694 million in 2010-11.

Currently, Clermont County and local governments within it are expected to receive $2.5 million in total from the Local Government Fund. Under the current formula for allocating funds within the county, approximately $1.22 million of the $2.5 million goes to the county and $1.29 million goes to local jurisdictions, including Milford and Loveland, townships and villages. Distributions from the state are received every month.

Ohio law requires that distribution be based on either a statutory formula, or an alternative formula that is agreed upon by the governmental jurisdictions. County Auditor Linda Fraley, in a presentation to the Board of County Commissioners on June 13, said that Clermont County had long used an alternative formula that is reviewed and changed, if needed, at least once every five years.

Under the law, a vote must be held at least every five years to determine the alternative formula that will allocate the Local Government Fund revenues between the county, and the cities, villages, and townships within its borders. This formula must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners; the legislative authority of the largest city in the county – in this case, Milford City Council; and a majority of the boards of township trustees and village councils in Clermont County. The BCC has one vote, Milford has one vote, and other jurisdictions have one vote.

The meeting on June 28 will allow the townships and municipalities to hear any recommendations for alternative allocation formulas and attempt to gain a consensus on a formula that all can take back for approvals.

January 31, 2018

Commissioners extend deadline to buy 2018 dog licenses to Feb. 28

BATAVIA, Ohio (Jan. 31, 2018) – Commissioners today approved a one-month extension to the deadline to buy 2018 dog licenses.

The expiration to buy dog tags for this year was today, Jan. 31. But with a new humane society managing the county animal shelter, Commissioners agreed that a one month-extension, to Feb. 28, would be in order.

On Jan. 1, Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society began managing the operations at the county shelter in Batavia. Clermont Animal CARE was awarded a one-year contract, with possible extensions, to manage the shelter in November 2017, following a request for proposal process.

Since then, Clermont Animal CARE has begun an outreach campaign to encourage more dog owners to buy tags for their animals. All license fees go directly into the operation of the animal shelter for the rescue, care and housing of the community’s lost and homeless dogs.

“Clermont Animal CARE approached us to see if we would be open to extending the deadline,” said Auditor Linda Fraley, whose office manages the sale of dog licenses. “They had additional marketing ideas they wanted to have the time to implement, to encourage more people to buy tags before the penalty sets in. We wanted to support that.”

Under Ohio law, all dogs three months of age and older are required to be licensed. The tags help ensure that stray dogs are returned to their owner.

Tags are available throughout the county; locations can be found here. The animal shelter, at 4025 Filager Road, also sells tags. One-year licenses cost $16. If tags are bought after Feb. 28, a penalty fee of $16 will be assessed. More information can be found on the Auditor’s website.

Robin Tackett, President of Clermont Animal CARE, said that the organization plans to sell tags at My Furry Valentine, Cincinnati’s largest pet adoption event, on Feb. 10-11 at the Sharonville Convention Center.


December 7, 2017

2018 dog tags now on sale

BATAVIA, Ohio (Dec. 7, 2017) – It’s December. That means it’s time to buy your beloved pooch a 2018 dog license from Clermont County.

Dog owners can purchase tags now through Jan. 31, 2018, with no penalty.

Annual licenses cost $16 each; three year licenses can be purchased for $48, and permanent licenses for $160. Kennel licenses can be purchased for $80, which includes five tags, with $1 for each additional tag. Licenses bought after Jan. 31 are charged a $16 late fee.

Under Ohio law, dogs must be licensed each year. “If a lost dog has its tag, it’s easy to find the owner,” said David Uible, President of the Clermont County Commissioners.  “But if it does not have a license, it makes it very hard for the county animal shelter to find the owner. And frankly, that’s not fair to the dog.”

If a dog is untagged, the animal shelter will keep it for 72 hours; the dog is then made available for adoption, fostering or rescue. As of August 2017, Clermont to the Rescue Humane Society, which operates the county animal shelter, reported that 249 strays came into the shelter.

In 2017, Clermont County licensed 17,452 dogs and 20 kennels. It collected approximately $315,000 in license fees, which go to support the county’s animal shelter.

Dog owners can buy their licenses at the Auditor’s Office, Clermont County Administration Building, 101 E. Main St., Batavia, from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Licenses are also available through these vendors:


Ace Hardware
675 Loveland Madeira Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140
(513) 583-1415
Animal Rescue Fund
85 Lucy Run Rd
Amelia, Ohio 45102
(513) 753-9252
Auditor’s Office
101 E Main St
Batavia, OH 45103
(513) 732-7150
Beck’s Hardware
1798 State Route 28
Goshen, Ohio 45122
(513) 722-2000
 Bethel Feed & Supply
528 W. Plane Street
Bethel, Ohio 45106
(513) 734-2246
 Clermont to the Rescue Humane Society
4025 Filager Road
Batavia, OH 45103
(513) 732-8854
EADS Fence Company
131 Broadway
Loveland, Ohio 45140
Kennel Resorts
5825 Meadowview Drive
Milford, Ohio 45150
(513) 831-7297
League for Animal Welfare
4193 Taylor Road
Batavia, Ohio 45103
(513) 735-2299
Lifetime Pet Center of New Richmond
1044-A Old US 52
New Richmond, Ohio 45157
(513) 553-9954
TailWaggers Doggy Daycare 
4528 Aicholtz Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45245

More information can be found on the Auditor’s website.

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