Parker Road Clean-Up Begins in Goshen Township

After 16 years of persistent efforts, the community of Clermont County and various government agencies are finally seeing progress in cleaning up a long-standing nuisance site on Parker Road in Goshen Township. A recent event celebrated the commencement of this significant environmental cleanup project.

Anne Vogel, Director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), kicked off the event, expressing her enthusiasm and gratitude. “It’s a real privilege to be here, representing Governor DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Husted, as we begin this important cleanup. This effort is a testament to the hard work and perseverance of our local partners and the community,” Vogel stated.

The Parker Road site, notorious for its environmental issues, has been a significant blight on the community for years. This unlicensed landfill site was primarily polluted by Donald W. Combs, a local waste hauler who illegally dumped and burned waste on his property. Combs was found guilty of multiple environmental crimes, including illegal open dumping and operating an unlicensed waste facility. His actions resulted in extensive environmental contamination, with some waste piles reaching over 20 feet high.

County Commissioner Claire Corcoran, alongside fellow commissioners Bonnie Batchler and David Painter, extended heartfelt thanks to all involved in the clean-up. Corcoran reminisced about the long journey, acknowledging the crucial role played by former Judge Thomas Herman, who consistently pushed for the site’s remediation. “Sixteen years ago, we started this journey, walking through the site and envisioning its potential. Today, we are finally seeing the fruits of our labor. This cleanup represents not just an environmental victory, but a triumph for our community’s health and well-being,” Corcoran said.

Brian Shrive, Clermont County Assistant Prosecutor, representing the Goshen Township trustees, emphasized the community impact. “These properties have long been a nuisance for the people of Goshen Township and Parker Road. Today’s efforts mark a significant step towards abating that nuisance,” Shrive said.

The cleanup on Parker Road, expected to last about ten days, involves removing solid waste from the site. Vogel clarified that while the waste is not hazardous, its improper disposal posed significant issues, such as breeding grounds for vermin and mosquitoes. She stressed the importance of proper waste management to protect human health and the environment.

David Painter, President of the Board of Commissioners, underscored the importance of cooperation in achieving this cleanup. “This project showcases the power of collaboration. By combining our resources and efforts, we are not only addressing a long-standing issue but also paving the way for a healthier, safer future for our community,” Painter stated.

The event concluded with a unified message of hope and progress. Vogel and the commissioners reiterated their commitment to making the site a safe and valuable asset for the community. As the cleanup progresses, the community of Clermont County looks forward to reclaiming and revitalizing the land, turning a once problematic area into a source of pride and opportunity.

You can watch the press conference on our YouTube Channel.