Painter elected Board president for 2024

BATAVIA, Ohio (Jan. 3, 2024) – Commissioner David Painter was elected president, and Commissioner Claire Corcoran, Vice President, of the Clermont County Board of Commissioners for 2024 at today’s annual Reorganization Meeting. Commissioner Bonnie Batchler will serve as member.

The 2024 meeting schedule for Regular Sessions was also established. The commissioners are scheduled to meet every Wednesday of the year, except for certain holiday weeks, and the second and fourth Mondays of the first six months of the year.  All meetings are at 10 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Commissioners are mandated to have at least 50 Regular Sessions during the calendar year.

Commissioners offered comments and reflections relating to 2023 and thoughts about 2024.

“Talking about the year that we just went through, it was a great year but it also had extreme challenges,” Painter said. “…I look forward to a better ’24 than ’23.”

He cited as positives the repair and repavement of $6 million in roadways and bridges with the help of the Engineer’s Office, the startup of new businesses, and following the wishes of townships. Challenges included a number of tough cases handled by the Sheriff’s Office.

Commissioner Batchler echoed praise for the upgrade of township roads in the past year. She noted that Commissioners allocated ARPA (American Recovery Plan Act) funds to the Engineer to move up road improvement schedules.

Batchler also singled out the great work by county employees during the past year. “Their hearts are here to serve the people of this county,” she said.

Commissioner Corcoran added: “A big hat off to all of the staff in every department. They’ve worked very hard. They’re very dedicated employees. Whether it’s social services, HR, our budget office… You guys do the work and we appreciate that.”