Services to address biggest identified needs

BATAVIA, OH (Aug. 24, 2023) — Food. Transportation. Housing. Mental Health. Education. Employment. Child Care. Respite/Camps/Activities. Social Services – Other. Basic Needs. Medical. Clothing. Services. Other.

Those were identified as the biggest needs when Clermont County Family & Children First asked agencies who work with children, adults and families. Family and Children First responded with a list of resources to meet those needs.

In upcoming weeks, those resources will be shared on Clermont County’s social media channels as part of an effort to educate people about how to meet these needs. Here’s a look at the resources in total, in a Q/A format:

Where can you find food, utilities or clothing for those that don’t qualify for SNAP (food stamps)?

Food pantries and churches will often provide food boxes for those who do not qualify for SNAP. Utilities are often difficult to get assistance with unless the person qualifies for HEAP or PRC funding. Clothing for children can be requested through Give Like A Mother at 513-400-3208 or Impacting Tomorrow provides clothing for adults and children www.impacting

Where can you find transportation to non-medical or mental health appointments, including transportation for youth without parents available to help?

Transportation is available to medical or mental health appointments through Medicaid Managed Care Plans. Call the number on the back of your card for assistance with arranging the transportation. For medical or mental health appointments for youth under 18 on a Medicaid Managed Care Plan, a parent/guardian is required to accompany the youth on the ride. Families may call Clermont Transportation Connection at 513-732-7433 to ask about the cost for transportation for other reasons. 

Who can assist you in finding place to live?

If adults are assigned a Case Manager through a mental health agency or possibly through the adult court system, they may request assistance from their Case Manager. If a youth is involved in OhioRISE, the parent may request assistance from their Care Coordinator. Under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) may issue a voucher to an eligible family, but CMHA is not permitted to assist in the searching process because any “help” provided would appear to be ‘endorsing’ one landlord over another.  The family is to ‘choose’ its own unit.  Under Public Housing and CMHA’s Project Based Voucher (PBV) program, the specific units with subsidy are owned by CMHA.  The family who is eligible who reaches the top of the list is shown the corresponding vacant unit for suitability.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Are there food pantries in Clermont County who will deliver food?

Medicaid Managed Care Plans will provide transportation to the grocery store or food pantry per their plan. Call your Medicaid Managed Care Plan for details. Additionally, you can call InterParish Ministries at 513-561-3932 if there are extenuating circumstances.

Can I get gas cards to go to the grocery store or medical appointments?

Medicaid Managed Care Plans provide transportation to their customers to medical appointments and also food pantries/grocery stores per the plan. Call the Medicaid Managed Care Plan for details. Additionally, NET (Non-Emergency Transportation) may be requested through Clermont Transportation Connection (rides) by calling 513-732-7433 (press 2 to speak to a Dispatcher) or Department of Job & Family Services (gas cards – call 513-732-8006 for information) for medical appointments for those on Medicaid.

Can I get transportation to an urgent medical appointment if I’m on Medicaid?

Transportation to medical appointments needs to be scheduled days in advance. Call your Medicaid Managed Care Plan to see if transportation is available for an urgent appointment. Additionally, transportation to medical appointments through Clermont Transportation Connection can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance and trips are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. A customer can always call CTC at 513-732-7433 (Press 2 to speak to a Dispatcher) to see if an urgent appointment can be accommodated.

Where can I receive food assistance?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low-income people and families buy the food they need for healthy living and a balanced diet. SNAP can help stretch food dollars. SNAP eligibility is based on income and resources depending on a person’s age and household size. To apply for SNAP benefits:

There are food pantries in most Clermont County communities, often run through local churches or schools. Interparish Ministries has many drive thru food events throughout Clermont County. Check for upcoming events. Additionally, there are a limited number of food boxes available each week for pick up at the Department of Job & Family Services (2400 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia). There is also a Department of Job & Family Services/OSU-Extension class that occurs the last Monday of the month at 10 a.m. in Room 103 at 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia that allows participants to select items from a food pantry after attending the class.

Are there mental health services for those without insurance?

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services offers a sliding scale for adults and for those who qualify, there may be no charge for services. For children, there is a sliding scale offered by Child Focus and it is less restrictive with regard to diagnoses.
There is also assistance for individuals who have high deductible insurance plans, for those who qualify.

Are there “second chance” employers?

Ohio Means Jobs has a list of second chance employers. Call OMJ at 513-943-3000.

Can I get my student’s school transcript with grades if fees are owed?

Families can work with the school district’s Resource Coordinator to determine if this is possible.

Are there school supplies available to children who are in need?

Most school districts have events prior to the start of the new school year where school supplies may be available. Additionally, IPM has an event (sign up is required) where they provide school supplies prior to the start of the school year. There is also a week later in the summer where school supplies can be purchased tax-free.

Where can I find affordable, equitable, quality child care?

Families who qualify may be eligible for financial support, or Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC), for children attending licensed and PFCC approved centers. PFCC applications can be found at or emailing
4C for Children provides free assistance in locating licensed childcare/preschool/summer camps:
1-800-256-1296 x1330 or

Where can I find respite for a child/youth with complex needs or autism?

Stepping Stones, Camp Joy and Batavia YMCA have summer camps that serve youth with disabilities. Stepping Stones and Camp Joy have weekend options available during the school year. Autism Connections may have additional information available on camps, call 513-561-2300.

Can I get assistance with car repairs?

For eligible customers, assistance for car repairs may be available per the Department of Job & Family Services PRC Plan. Contact Clermont Community Services for details via email at

Is there income-based housing for seniors available in Clermont County?

Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority runs an elderly community as part of their Public Housing portfolio – 79 units in Bethel Woods, which is all 1 and 2 bedroom units.  Anyone interested in applying for CMHA open wait lists can do so by applying at

Where can I get general transportation?

The best option is to contact Clermont Transportation Connection at 513-732-7433. CTC does require advance notice and payment for non-Medicaid covered transportation.

Is there affordable and safe housing available in Clermont County?

Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority offers a HUD-VASH program, a NED program, a PBV program, a HCV Program, and Public Housing.  However, the need is so great in our county that most of the wait lists remain full.  Anyone interested in applying for any of CMHA’s open wait lists can do so by applying at   

Where can I get adult mental health services?

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health offers comprehensive treatment services for those without insurance and there are numerous private practice treatment providers throughout the county who accept a variety of insurance plans.

Is there financial assistance for youth to attend driving school or to get their driver’s license?

Youth enrolled and active in CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program) may be eligible for payment for driving school or a driver’s license. Call OhioMeans Jobs at 513-743-3000 for more information.

Can I get help with my rent or security deposit?

For eligible customers, assistance to pay a security deposit or rent may be available per the Department of Job & Family Services PRC Plan. Contact Clermont Community Services via email at for details.

Are there home supports available for seniors?

Call Clermont County Senior Services at 513-724-1255.

Are there life skill classes for adolescents available in Clermont County?

OhioMeans Jobs provides support to eligible youth for job skills through CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program). Call 513-943-3000 for details.

Are there parenting support resources available in Clermont County?

Child Focus provides Parent Enrichment free to families who do not have an open case with Children’s Protective Services. Additionally, there are numerous programs for parents of younger children, i.e. Every Child Succeeds, Early Intervention Service Coordination. Parents can sign up for free online parenting strategies courses at

Where can I find therapeutic services for children/families with trauma?

Child Focus provides therapeutic services to children/families with trauma and Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health provides therapeutic services to adults. Additionally, there is a list of trauma-certified therapists at

How do I find transportation to school for my student?

Public schools are only required to transport special needs students to school if that service is identified on their IEP under special transportation. Otherwise, school districts must follow the state minimum law for transportation.

Is there assistance available to help with court fines or costs?

The Clermont County Department of Job & Family Services PRC Plan is being revised and costs for certain legal fees for custody may be available to eligible customers in the future.

It would be great if there was a centralized location for services in Clermont County.

There are numerous agencies at 2400 Clermont Center Drive in Batavia (Public Assistance, Child Support Enforcement Agency, Family & Children First, WIC, Educational Service Center) and other agencies/services are available on Clermont Center Drive or in the Batavia area.

Are there after-school events for youth engagement?

The Resource Coordinator for each school district should have a list of extracurricular or after-school activities available to youth.

Where can a youth interested in trade or vocational activities learn more about their options?

Eligible youth can work with CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program) through OhioMeans Jobs. Call 513-943-3000 for more information.

Are there mental health supports and therapy available for transition-aged youth?

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services has a Transition to Independence Program (TIP) which provides mental health, substance use disorder and co-occurring treatment to transition-aged youth. The program also coordinates care with multiple systems including Children’s Protective Services, Juvenile Court and Juvenile Probation. Call 513-331-5841 to see if a youth may be eligible.

Can I receive assistance with transportation to work or gas cards to get to work?

For those who qualify, gas cards may be available per the Department of Job & Family Services PRC Plan. Call OhioMeans Jobs for more information at 513-943-3000.

What is available in Clermont County for those without housing?

For eligible customers, assistance is available to assist in paying for rent or security deposit per the Department of Job & Family Services PRC Plan. Contact Clermont Community Services for details via email at

Can I receive assistance with student lunches or fees?

School districts have free and reduced breakfast and lunch options. Inquire with the school district as to the necessary forms that need to be completed.

Is there home-based respite for children with complex medical needs?

Children/youth with complex medical needs may be able to access respite through their Medicaid Managed Care Plan or OhioRISE. Call the Medicaid Managed Care Plan or your OhioRISE Care Coordinator to discuss.

Are there resources for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault?

Call the YWCA at 513-753-7281. Additionally, the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office has a Victim Assistance program. Call 513-732-7979 or 513-732-7810 to speak to an advocate.

Where can I get assistance with basic needs (including cleaning products, toiletries)?

Some local food pantries have cleaning products and toiletry items upon request. The Department of Job & Family Services/OSU-Extension collaboration has these items in the food pantry that a family may select from after attending a class that is offered on the last Monday of the month 10 a.m. in Room 103 at 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia.

Is there help available to pay for funeral expenses?

Contact the Clermont County Coroner’s Office at 513-732-8117 and ask about their indigent program.

Is there assistance for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) devices for nonverbal youth?

If a child/youth is eligible with Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the family may be able to request assistance through Family Support Services (FSS) funds. Medicaid or insurance plans may also be of assistance.

Where can I find resources on autism?

Contact Autism Connections at 513-561-2300 or or look online at

Is there help to pay my utilities bill?

For eligible customers, assistance with utilities may be available per the Department of Job & Family Services PRC Plan or HEAP. Contact Clermont Community Services for more information via email at

Where can I find trained providers for children with medical conditions?

Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) at 513 732-7499 may be able to provide assistance

Where can I find after-school programs and summer supports?

There are many after-school and summer camps available in Clermont County (i.e. Batavia YMCA). Clermont Recovery Center does 4-day summer camps at low-income housing communities during the summer which are free to residents who live in the communities. The Boys & Girls Club has programming – call 513-947-9632. The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Saving Account program provides qualifying families with a $1,000 credit per child. See https://education/ohio/gov/OhioACE

Where can I receive information on educational advocacy?

The Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities provides educational advocacy information. Call 844-382-5452.

Are there mental health services in more rural areas?

Many providers offer telehealth options and are marketing services and providing outreach in rural communities throughout the county.

Is there affordable/safe housing for those with legal charges/evictions?

If a family is being screened for Public Housing or PBV, which are units Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) owns and they act as the owner/property manager, CMHA will do a background screening for prior rental history.  However, if someone is denied for their rental history (or for any reason), CMHA gives them a right to an informal review and they can explain what lead to the eviction, etc. Anyone interested in applying for any of CMHA’s open wait lists can do so by applying at

Is there transportation available in rural areas?

Clermont Transportation Connection is available in rural areas and needs to be scheduled in advance. Call 513-732-7433.

Where can I get outpatient treatment for Substance Use Disorder?

Clermont Recovery Center has a day treatment program and offers a variety of group options. Call 513-735-8100 for more information.

Where can I learn more about lifelong education?

Contact vocational schools or OhioMeans Jobs at 513-943-3000 for information.

Is there childcare available for all shifts and weekends?

Little Anderson provides some evening and weekend care. Monday-Saturday 6 a.m.-8 p.m. Call 513-474-7800.

Can undeclared families receive medical insurance?

Undeclared children and families may be eligible for all public assistance programs with verification of status. Call 513-732-7111. 

Where can I find free or low-priced everyday clothing for adults?

Impacting Tomorrow can provide clothing to adults.  Goodwill or St Vincent DePaul has clothing for sale and at times, InterParish Ministries will provide clothing vouchers for St. Vincent DePaul.

Where can I find clothes/shoes for school-aged children/youth?

Children/youth can receive outfits through Give Like A Mother. Call 513-400-3208

Is there assistance to get medications for children/youth?

There are often discounts that pharmacies will provide if a family cannot pay for medication. Additionally, the pharmaceutical company can be called to talk about options and samples can be requested from the prescriber.

Is there somewhere I can get baby items until my WIC appointment?  

Some food pantries have baby items available if requested. If a child is enrolled in a home visiting program, like Every Child Succeeds, the parent can talk with their Home Visitor.

Where can I find respite for youth with no disabilities?

There are many camps and before and after-school programs available for children without disabilities. The School Resource Coordinator in your school district should be able to provide options. Funding for respite is not available for children without disabilities.

Are there peer navigators available to assist kinship providers with finding resources?

OhioKAN is available to help kinship families navigate the system and locate resources

Is there assistance to purchase laundry detergent?

Some food pantries will provide laundry detergent when requested. Laundry detergent is available as a choice in the Department of Job & Family Services/OSU-Extension collaborative food pantry when an adult takes a class at JFS on nutrition and budgeting for food. These classes occur the last Monday of the month at 10am in Room 103 at 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia.

Where can I get nutrition education?

OSU-Extension provides various classes and opportunities to learn about nutrition. There is a class once a month at the Department of Job & Family Services that focuses on making nutritious meals and making food dollars stretch. The class occurs on the last Monday of the month, 10am in Room 103 at 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia.

Where can I find providers for medical or dental appointments?

Medical and dental providers should be able to be obtained by calling your Managed Care Plan directly or by searching on the Managed Care Plan’s website. For those who are veterans, call the VA for assistance. For those without insurance, the application to apply for Medicaid can be completed online

Is there assistance available for work clothes for adults?

OhioMeans Jobs may be able to provide work clothes for eligible adults. Call 513-943-3000. Impacting Tomorrow provides clothing to adults and children.

Where can I find information on local jobs opportunities and training programs?

OhioMeans Jobs has job listings and can provide training to eligible people in a high-demand job. Call OMJ at 513-943-3000.