Commissioners name members of emergency planning committee

BATAVIA, OH — The Board of County Commissioners on Aug. 2 appointed and/or reappointed to the Clermont County Local Emergency Planning Committee:

Steve Armstrong, American Red Cross
Mark Baird, Milford Community Fire Department/Clermont County Fire & EMS Chiefs Alliance
Bonnie Batchler, Clermont County Board of Commissioners
Mike Boehmer, Clermont County Public Information Office
Tyler Braasch, Clermont County Public Health
Bruce Crase, Clermont County Building Inspection Department
Randy Davis, Clermont County Water Resources
Jill Ernst, The Health Collaborative
Pam Haverkos, Clermont County Emergency Management Agency
Robert Hirsch, Miami Township Police Department/Clermont County Sheriffs and Police Association
Hannah Lubbers, Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District/Clermont County Environmental Quality
Brooke Matzen, Greater Cincinnati HazMat Unit
Andrew McAfee, Clermont Chamber of Commerce
Robert McLelland, Duke Energy
John McManus, Clermont Soil & Water Conservation District
Michael Mills, Mercy Health – Clermont Hospital
Tim Neyer, Clermont County Water Resources
Jeannette Nichols, Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office – Civil Division
Thomas Peck, Clermont County Trustees Association/Monroe Township trustee
Kevin Riley, Central Joint Fire-EMS District/Clermont County Fire & EMS Chiefs Alliance
Laurie Schlueter, Clermont County Emergency Management Agency
Jeff Smith, Clermont County Engineer Highway Department
Chris Stratton, Clermont County Sheriff’s Office
John Thebout, Clermont County Mayor’s Association/Batavia Village mayor
Jessica Wiederhold, Clermont County Department of Public Safety Services
Robb Wing, Community rep

Terms run through Aug. 14, 2025.

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a coordinated planning body comprised of individuals who have expertise in planning and response to incidents involving hazardous materials.  The Clermont County LEPC was established pursuant to the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986 or SARA Title III.

LEPC members are nominated by the Clermont County Board of Commissioners and approved by the SERC (State Emergency Response Commission).  LEPC members are volunteers and serve a two-year (2) term.  Members are reappointed during the odd numbered years.  The membership of an LEPC must include, without limitation, personnel from each of these groups: elected state and local officials, law enforcement, emergency management, firefighting, first aid, health, local environmental, hospital, transportation, broadcast/print media, community groups, and facilities (see Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3750).

The LEPC is instrumental in fulfilling the purpose of the Community Right-to-Know law to increase the protection of the community from chemicals produced, used, stored, and/or transported within Clermont County.