Repainting of elevated water tanks begins this year

BATAVIA, OH (April 26, 2023) — Elevated water storage tanks in Afton and Goshen are slated for repainting this spring and summer as Clermont County Water Resources begins a decade-long refresh of 18 water tanks.

American Suncraft Co. of Medway, Ohio, has been awarded a $1.16-million bid for work on the towers, located on Half Acre Road near Milacron in Afton and on Goshen Road near Goshen High School.

Work on the Goshen tower is expected to begin after the Afton tower. Work is anticipated to take two months at each tank. Bid opening for rehabilitation and repainting of the Summit tank took place on March 16. Work at the Summit tank is scheduled to be completed in 2023 also.

The towers will have a blue underside and top, with the county logo on two faces, along with lettering spelling Clermont County and the name of the township. The name Clermont County will also be printed on the top.

The Board of County Commissioners last year selected the design from options presented by artist Keith Konya of West Chester, who has experience with towers in Butler County.

Water Resources Project Manager Ainsley Knapke said the classic look will be uniform across the county. The aesthetically pleasing design will help build a positive brand for Clermont County.

Individual water tanks are repainted roughly every 20 years, so repainting the tanks with the new design will be a process over the next several years,  running through about 2034.

Most of the project’s cost goes toward repairing portions of the metal structure (ladders, platforms, etc.) and applying coating. Interior areas normally wet will receive a zinc epoxy and an epoxy will go on dry interior areas. Exteriors of the tanks will receive a zinc epoxy urethane coating system.

Workers will sand blast off existing paint, with dust containment enclosures in place. County logo and text will be painted on the exterior of the tanks, using stencils.