Treatment program helps people to better lives

BATAVIA, OH (April 19, 2023) — The Clermont County Community Alternative Sentencing Center (CASC) continues to help people with substance use disorders begin a new start.

More than nine of 10 clients who completed the CASC program in 2022 were not incarcerated again, the Board of County Commissioners learned today.

Heather Cokl, associate vice president of addiction services, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCB), and Sarah Baldridge, CASC program manager, told Commissioners that CASC admitted 164 clients in 2022. Nine of 10 males and 87 percent of females completed the program.

CASC serves community members who are struggling with substance use disorders and are connected to the Clermont County Municipal Court system. The program is located on the same campus as the Clermont County Jail facility. It collaborates with Clermont Municipal Probation.

CASC offers substance use disorder treatment services such as intensive group counseling, educational/skill development groups, individual counseling and case management. The program includes medication-assisted treatment, psychiatric services, nursing, employment services, peer recovery supports and community supports.

Since 2015, GCB has served 1,547 clients in the CASC program.

“When you go to jail, you come out and you are still an addict because jail doesn’t teach you anything, but a program like this does give them the opportunity to make a difference in their life and come out a different person,” Commissioner Bonnie Batchler said.

Commissioners viewed a video of CASC clients sharing what the program means to them. Starts at 23:05:

“Thanks for working so hard to try to give individuals another chance,” Commissioner David Painter said to representatives from CASC.

“Great work,” Commissioner Claire Corcoran said. “Thank you all.”