Many options for shredding paper documents

BATAVIA, OH (March 21, 2023) — Account statements, utility bills and other sensitive paperwork in your household trash or recycling can be a gold mine for swindlers and identity thieves. One way to prevent your sensitive personal information from becoming compromised is to shred any paper documents before they fall into the wrong hands. There are several secure shredding options available, from structured public shredding events to a simple desk-side paper shredder. In addition, several office supply and shipping stores, like the UPS Store, offer shredding services for less than $1 per pound.

Furniture Fair, Shred-It, Crime Stoppers, and Walgreens have teamed up to offer a document shredding and prescription disposal event on Saturday, April 15, from 8 a.m. to noon at several Furniture Fair locations, including the Eastgate store at 4363 Eastgate Square Drive. Shred-It will manage the destruction of any unwanted or sensitive paperwork, while other event organizers will accept over-the-counter medications and prescription pills that are expired or unwanted. Donations to the Crime Stoppers organization will be accepted during this event, which will support their efforts to help solve crimes in our community.

The following week, on Saturday, April 22, McNicholas High School is hosting a document shredding and electronics recycling event from 9 a.m. to noon. This event will be held at the McNicholas High School parking lot at 6536 Beechmont Avenue. Document Destruction will be handling document shredding while Cobalt will handle the recycling of electronic waste. For $25 participants can shred up to five banker’s boxes/average-sized trash bags of paperwork. For $10 participants can recycle up to two boxes or laundry baskets of electronics such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, and computer towers (no monitors, keyboards, mice, cords or accessories accepted). Proceeds from this event will benefit the McNicholas Athletic Program and Alumni Association.

While structured shredding events remain popular, most individuals prefer the convenience of shredding their own documents at home. Personal desk-side paper shredders have come down significantly in price and can be purchased from many local retailers or online for as little as $30. This low-cost option allows residents to dispose of their unwanted paperwork as it is generated, reducing the need to store sensitive documents until a structured shred event is held. While the shredded paper is a recyclable material, it must be placed in a clear bag before being put in your curbside recycling bin or in your nearest recycling drop-off dumpster. This is the only exception to the typical “no plastic bag” rule for curbside or drop-off recycling. The Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District provides public recycling drop-off containers at 28 locations throughout Clermont County that accept a variety of materials, including bagged shredded paper. Residents are encouraged to visit to find a complete list of accepted recyclable materials and to find the recycling drop-off location closest to them.