SNAP emergency allotments end after February

BATAVIA, OH (Jan. 11, 2023) — While Ohio has extended SNAP (food stamps) emergency allotments as long as federally allowable, February 2023 is the last month recipients will receive them. For more information, see the state’s news release

Due to a change in federal law, this will mean a loss of as much as $258 per month for some individuals.

To assist those in need, here is a list of free food pantries, meals and groceries in Clermont County:

Also, to help people search for a job or find a training program, OhioMeansJobs — Clermont County is open to the public. OMJ provides free phone use, copies, printers, fax machines, etc.

As of today, 22,206 people are receiving SNAP benefits in Clermont County. (Note: 47,163 people in Clermont County are on Medicaid, which will have changes in May.)

Here are examples of how the change will impact people: