UC engineering student benefits from Water Resources internship

BATAVIA, OH — University of Cincinnati environmental engineering major Isaiah Brinson appreciates first-hand experience gained as special projects intern at Clermont County Water Resources. He’s also grateful for the support of department staff during the 3-month internship.

“Unlike previous jobs, I’m able to look at sites such as waste treatment plants,” said Brinson, 22, a graduate of Glen Este High School (now West Clermont High School). “The people here have been very helpful, my supervisor Chris Rowland, co-workers, everyone. The inspector at a job site showed me schematics so I could see it myself. Everyone is very helpful when I have questions. A lot of them went to UC as well.”

Brinson is in the fourth of five years in the UC engineering program. He is minoring in chemistry.

His internship, which started the last week of May, includes a wide variety of duties. He helps with engineering bids, examining items such as pipe length, jack and bore (a trenchless method of sewer construction), fire hydrant installation, connections to services and water meters, etc. This involves reviewing blueprints and doing calculations as he looks for discrepancies.

Brinson also assists with civil 3D designs, redesign standards and specifications. He helped with design of an in-house project. He uses programs such as ArcMap and Excel to carry out his duties.

“These are just the big things,” he said. “I’ve definitely got a lot of engineering experience. That’s why I wanted to come to this department. I’m still learning. It’s definitely been very useful.”

The Water Resources Department has three co-op / internship positions available: One in water treatment, one in wastewater treatment, and the third in the Engineering Division.

“We have had the water/wastewater treatment co-op positions for several years now,” said Lyle Bloom, Water Resources director. “In the past, we have filled these positions with students from Cincinnati State who are enrolled in the Environmental Engineering Technology program. In some instances, the co-ops are subsequently hired as full-time employees as water or wastewater treatment operators who eventually obtain their State of Ohio certification as a licensed operator.”

Earlier this year, Water Resources created an internship position to recruit engineering students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, including students at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science. Brinson is the first hire for this new position.

Co-op/internship positions allow students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the field in which they are pursuing a degree. Those interested can apply online through the County’s employment portal at: Employment opportunities (munisselfservice.com)