Boy Scout raises more than $9,000 for Safe Buckets for school rooms

BATAVIA, OH (Aug. 3, 2022) — Boy Scout Harmon Kahl, a junior at Batavia High School, raised more than $9,000 through hotdog stand sales and donations for his Eagle Scout project – a Safe Bucket filled with supplies for emergencies such as an active shooter or other emergency in a school.

Kahl told the Board of County Commissioners today he will place a bucket in all 138 classrooms in Batavia School District. Each bucket contains a Ziploc bag with bandages, water bottles, Kleenex, a tourniquet, blankets, granola bars and flashlights. (Twelve extra buckets have been made for additional rooms.)

Kahl said he spoke with Chief Kevin Riley at Central Joint Fire-EMS District to determine what would go in the bucket. They decided that basic medical supplies were appropriate.

“The idea behind these is that something is better than nothing,” Kahl said. “…In the end, if you can bandage something up, rather than not, it’s at least going to do something.”

The project cost $7,500. So far, Kahl has raised more than $9,000. Extra funds will help pay to replace items when they expire.
Commissioner Claire Corcoran praised Kahl for his “great idea.”

“Growing up, I had a fear of active shooters and stuff,” Kahl said, in response to a question from Commissioner David Painter. “I looked around and said, ‘What would I do if someone got shot? There would be no option for me.’ So I feel like this will take care of my fear. This will help alleviate children’s fear or maybe their parents’ fear, if something were to happen.”