Schedule for brush, woody debris removal updated

BATAVIA, OH (July 29, 2022) — Curbside brush and woody debris removal generated from the July 6 storm is being phased out. Public works agencies ask that residents no longer place brush at the curb or right-of-way after the dates listed below:

Goshen Township: 8/5/2022

Miami Township: 7/29/2022

Wayne Township: 8/7/2022

Volunteer agencies continue to assist residents with debris on private property as their resources allow.

However, after the dates listed above, woody debris will not be collected from the right-of-way.

Alternative methods of woody debris management include stockpiling for firewood, chipping and mulching, hiring a tree or landscaping service, composting or wildlife habitat, open burning following local ordinances, or transporting debris to a landscaping company, or licensed landfill or compost facility.

Bzak Landscaping on 931 Round Bottom Road will take brush from residents with storm related debris at no cost. Logs should be cut into 4-foot lengths.

For more storm-related information, please visit: