Public Health, Emergency Management lead Covid-19 response

In July, the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce recognized Clermont County Public Health and Emergency Management Agency (EMA) for their response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Both agencies have worked tirelessly to address the needs of residents, public safety partners, and local communities.

The year started with encouraging news as vaccines were administered to healthcare workers and public safety partners. With the high demand and low vaccine supply, EMA established a call center to answer questions and get residents registered for the vaccine waitlist. The first public vaccine clinic for residents 80 and older was on Jan. 21. As the vaccine supply increased and eligibility expanded, Public Health partnered with UC Clermont College to open a mass vaccination site. The new site could accommodate up to 750 people per day.

To expand access, Public Health and EMA worked to identify community-based vaccine locations to make it more convenient for residents to get vaccinated throughout the county. Some of these locations included fire stations, community buildings, schools, and private businesses.

To date, Clermont County Public Health has vaccinated more than 39,446 individuals ranging in age from 5 to 102.

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. June. July. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Total as of 10.31.21
2,556 4,475 11,184 14,164 4,253 1,329 231 267 215 772     39,446


Public Health and EMA continue to lead the effort to respond to and recover Covid-19. These agencies continue to coordinate resources and share information with local public safety partners as well as provide support to individuals and families in isolation/quarantine. To date, EMA has worked with the United Way and local food panties to provide more than 105 food deliveries to individuals and families during their isolation/quarantine periods. Vaccinations will continue to be available for all eligible individuals through Clermont County Public Health.