Child Support Awareness Month: County collects millions for families each year

BATAVIA, OH — Ohio’s Child Support Program provides services to more than 1 million children in our state. Clermont County Child Support administers about 12,000 cases and collects $36 million dollars in child support each year.

County Child Support agencies work diligently to ensure that these children receive financial support for a better future. Child Support Month is a national initiative that helps inform families about the services child support agencies can provide in our communities.

“It is such an honor to serve the families of our county and to help protect children from the impact divorce and other types of separation can cause,” said Theresa Ellison, Deputy Director for the Clermont County CSEA.

The Child Support program encourages responsible parenting, family self-sufficiency, and child well-being.  Agencies provide services to locate parents, establish parentage, establish child support and medical support orders, collect and distribute child support, modify orders when circumstances have changed, and enforce orders that are not being paid.

County Child Support agencies provide services to families of all types, from divorcing parents to unmarried parents, to caretaker relatives, to children in the foster care program, and others, regardless of family income.

“This year, we are also focusing our efforts on spreading awareness about the importance of establishing paternity,” Ellison said. “Paternity is a legal determination between a natural father and a child, and it is so important because it can provide both financial and emotional support. Parents can reach out to their local CSEA for more information on this service.”