Emergency Testing of the All Hazard Outdoor Weather Sirens Wednesday April 14, 2021 at Noon

BATAVIA, OH — Weather permitting, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at noon the All Hazard Outdoor Weather Sirens will be activated for testing and monitoring.

During the monthly testing of the Clermont County All Hazards Outdoor Warning Sirens on April 7, the system did not perform properly. The sirens activated throughout the county with the exception of the sirens in Batavia Township. The system activated the county sirens two additional times, but still no activation of the Batavia sirens.

The system has been inspected and tested in the off line function with no issue being discovered. The Batavia sites were inspected and found no issue at the siren sites.  To fully vet the siren activation, system equipment must now be monitored during a live activation to ensure that all systems components are functional.

We are now entering the severe weather season.  With good weather and more activities occurring outdoors we do not want to wait until the first Wednesday of the month to retest the All Hazards Outdoor Siren System.

Remember the All Hazard Outdoor Weather Sirens are for notification of tornado warning or confirmed tornado sighting moving into the area. The sirens are for outdoor notification only. Do not rely on them as a source of notification indoors. Your smart phone with a weather app or a weather band radio are more reliable sources for indoor notifications. When an activation occurs, turn to your local news for information. Do not call 9-1-1 or the Communications Center as this could overwhelm the phone systems and prevent emergency calls from being received.