Commissioners waive inspection fees for those affected by flooding

BATAVIA, OH — Clermont County residents affected by the flood will not have to pay building inspection fees.

At the recommendation of Bruce Crase, Clermont County Building Official, the Board of County Commissioners today waived inspection fees for expenses directly relating to the re-occupation of evacuated buildings and structures resulting from recent flooding of the Ohio River and tributaries within Clermont County. The exemption runs through March 19.

“This is a great move forward for those who have been impacted by the recent flooding along our southern border at the Ohio River,” said David Painter, Vice President, Board of County Commissioners. “Waiving these fees gives them ample opportunity to ensure their facilities are inspected and that their safety is insured. That’s what it’s all about: making a way forward for those who have been impacted by a natural disaster.

Commissioner Bonnie Batchler added: “I think it’s the right thing to do. Those people affected might not have the money to do this.”

After March 19, Michael McNamara, Director of Clermont County Community and Economic Development, will update Commissioners on the impact of this action.