Animal shelter transition going smoothly

BATAVIA, OH — Transition to county operation of the Clermont County Animal Shelter is going smoothly, according to Facilities Management Director Wade Grabowski. He gave an update at today’s Board of County Commissioners meeting.
Facilities has completed or is in the process of doing a number of projects at the shelter, including:
* Resurfacing and deep cleaning everything. Epoxy floors have been shined and interior walls are being painted. Signage is being prepared.
* A contrct with a fencing company that will design a 40-run kennel. Those in front of the building will be new.
* Re-epoxying 22 of 60 some kennels.
* Taking care of a rodent infestation. More than 120 at this point. To prevent the problem, dog food is being stored in an airproof, water-tight storage pod in back of the building.
* Deep sanitizing of ceilings and replacement of ceiling tile.
* Putting in a camera system for the safety of workers and making it possible for people to buy dog licenses at the shelter.
Grabowski complimented new staff and volunteers on their commitment to the shelter.