Apply now for CDBG Block Grants; virtual informational meeting Jan. 29

BATAVIA, OH — Applications for the FY 2021 CDBG Block Grant are available starting today at or by emailing a request for documentation to Sherri Cmar, Grant Coordinator, at

A link to the Guide to National Objectives and Eligible Activities for Entitlement Communities as well as income guidelines and LMI maps also are available on the website. There will be a virtual public informational meeting on Friday, Jan. 29, at 1:30 pm. The Zoom link will be available the day of the meeting on the Community Development web page or via an email request to

This public meeting will address the commencement of the 2021 Program Year of the Entitlement Program of Clermont County. The 2021 Entitlement allocation has yet to be determined by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), however it is expected to be approximately $925,000 dollars.

This meeting will provide citizens with pertinent information about the CDBG program, including an explanation of eligible activities, program requirements and application deadlines. The CDBG Program can fund a broad range of activities, including economic development projects; street, water supply, drainage and sanitary sewer improvements; demolition of unsafe structures, rehabilitation of housing; public services; improvements to neighborhood facilities and training. The activities must be designed to primarily benefit low and moderate income persons, aid in the prevention or elimination of slum and blight, or meet an urgent need of the community.

A public hearing will be held prior to the County’s submittal of grant activities in the CDBG Annual Action Plan to HUD. Local CDBG project applications will be due to the Department of Community and Economic Development by Friday, March 26.

Eligible village and townships, the general public and other interested agencies or persons are encouraged to attend to discuss available programs, the application process, and program eligibility requirements. Clermont County will provide assistance to persons with disabilities needing interpreters or other auxiliary aids and services in order to participate in this hearing. Any request for such assistance must be made no later than 72 hours in advance of the meeting, by contacting the Department of Community and Economic Development at (513) 732-7907.