Residents may now recycle butter tubs, yogurt containers, fruit cups

BATAVIA, OH — Residents and businesses may now place #5 plastic tubs in Rumpke’s recycling containers. Bring on the butter tubs and yogurt containers, toss in those fruit cups! All of these items will find new life through Rumpke’s enhanced recycling program.  All curbside and drop-off recycling in Clermont County is serviced by Rumpke so residents can now place plastic tubs, along with their lids in the recycling bin.  Be sure to rinse the container and reattach the lid before tossing in the bin.

Like with other acceptable items, Rumpke has secured long-term contracts with stable, regional end users for this material, and 95% of the recycled goes to domestic end users.

New equipment wasn’t necessary to handle the tubs, although new robotics will be installed this spring to better process the materials.  Instead it was issues with the cup shape, color and smell that created problems in creating a marketable recycled product.  Fortunately “The manufacturers of that type of plastic have partnered with end-users and recycling companies like Rumpke to overcome these challenges and establish long term uses for these types of materials”, said Molly Yeager, Rumpke’s Corporate Communications Manager.

Rumpke is officially launching the new program January 11, 2021.  Residents should remember to keep items clean, empty, and lose to promote efficient recycling.  “Specifically, that means emptying the container (do not nest or stuff materials), rinsing and replacing the lid, and not placing recyclables in plastic bags”, said Hannah Lubbers, Director of the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District.

Plastic tubs are a welcome addition to the list of materials residents of Clermont County can currently recycle, shown below.



Hannah Lubbers

OEQ, Director