Rate increase would help pay for replacement of aging water and sewer system, regular maintenance and operation

BATAVIA, OH — In 2021, average residential water and sewer bills (due every two months) would increase by $5.88 under recommendations made by the NewGen Strategies & Solutions consulting firm at the Dec. 2 Board of County Commissioners meeting.

Annual rate increases are projected to increase revenue 9.5 percent for water and 3 percent for sewer and would help pay for ongoing replacement of an aging treatment, distribution and collection system as well as regular maintenance and operation.

“We pride ourselves in providing affordable water and sewer rates,” said Lyle Bloom, the director of the Clermont County Water Resources Department. He noted that sewer rates are currently less than the 1993 rates and the last water rate increase came in 2015.

Clermont County by far has the lowest water and sewer rates in Southwest Ohio, according to NewGen. Rates for the City of Cincinnati more than double Clermont County’s.

NewGen recommends that Commissioners adopt the annual rate changes for 2021-2025, with an annual review and revisions as needed.

A question-and-answer session is planned for the Dec. 8 Commissioners’ meeting, with a formal recommendation planned for Dec. 23.

For a look at the presentation, please click here: Clermont County Recommendations Presentation (2020-12-02)