Child Support Awareness month celebrated with proclamation, coloring contest

BATAVIA, Ohio (July 31, 2020) — The Board of County Commissioners this week acknowledged August as Child Support Awareness Month.

“Parenting and support go hand in hand in ensuring children grow up safe and healthy, and children and families stay out of poverty,” states a proclamation presented by the Commissioners on Wednesday. “Our children are our most precious resource, and by investing in them, we secure a future of hope and opportunity for us all.”

Brenda Gilreath, Assistant Director of Clermont County Child Support Services, noted that more than 12,500 Clermont County families benefitted from more than $35 million dollars in child support monies collected in Fiscal Year 2019.

Gilreath said that in Ohio, more than $1.8 billion is collected annually in child support, making it one of the most crucial elements of a family’s stability. She thanked employers for being such good partners with Child Support Services, along with the courts and Sheriff’s Office.

Once again this year, Clermont County Child Support is participating in a statewide coloring contest for children.

Children are encouraged to create and turn in their hand-drawn artwork to the Child Support office by 4 p.m. on Aug. 31. The artwork can be dropped off or mailed to: Child Support Services, 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia Ohio 45103.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three submissions ($20, $15, $10 gift cards to McDonalds) and those entries will be referred to Child Support’s state office to be considered for a statewide calendar for distribution during an upcoming Child Support Awareness Month.

Click here for the drawing form:

Also, click to obtain the Coloring Contest Information form which requires parent/guardian authorization:

This release needs to be a separate document that is attached to the coloring page. Any artwork submitted without the parent/guardian authorization will be excluded from the contest.

Artwork by Alexis Mullis, 6, of Clermont County in on the 2021 cover.