Huge demand for recycled paper products

Did you know you can help with the toilet paper shortage?

In addition to not hoarding materials you won’t use and conserving what you do have, residents of Clermont County have another avenue of helping increase the supply of toilet paper, and it’s via a not so obvious mechanism: recycling. That’s right, recycling is more important than ever right now.

Many non-essential businesses have shut down or limited production due to the COVID-19 virus, which means they are generating less paper and cardboard feedstock to paper mills. Local mills have seen over a 30% decrease in materials.

Yet demand for many items that are made out of recycled paper products, like cardboard and that precious toilet paper, has gone up due to increased ship to home purchases, panic buying and less people doing their business at the office.

So do your part and remember to recycle those cardboard shipping boxes and paper, they can be turned into valuable “end” products.

Residents may call their curbside waste hauler to order convenient curbside recycling. To see a list of drop-off recycling centers and the list of acceptable recyclables visit