Clermont County monitoring COVID-19, doing contingency planning

BATAVIA, OH (March 12, 2020) — The Clermont County Board of County Commissioners and County Administration have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. Clermont County Public Health and the Clermont County Emergency Management Agency have been in regular contact with state experts during this rapidly changing environment. We have kept key partners such as the county business community up to date so they may develop contingency plans.

At Clermont County, we have been doing contingency planning. This includes identifying what employees could “telework” at alternate locations, such as their homes, and providing instruction on how to transfer voice mail to email to help facilitate this work.

We have been providing additional disinfectant and sanitary supplies to County Departments. Safety is our top priority.

We will continue to serve the public and meet our mandated requirements. We appreciate your support during this challenging time.

For the latest information about COVID-19, please see: