FACT SHEET – Dissolution of the Village of Amelia

Nov. 26, 2019

Overview — At 10:35 a.m. Nov. 25, the Clermont County Board of Elections certified election results regarding dissolution of the Village of Amelia and the Village of Newtonsville. On Nov. 5, residents had voted to dissolve the villages. Amelia became part of Batavia Township and Pierce Township; Newtownsville, Wayne Township. The Ohio State Auditor is overseeing a transition period that will take months to complete. State law requires officials to divide property within 60 days, but sets no hard deadline for the Ohio Auditor to issue a final report on the dissolution.

The population of Amelia was 4,801 at the 2010 Census; Newtonsville, 392. Due to Amelia’s size and the fact that it existed in two townships, this fact sheet deals with its transition.

Although the villages and townships are key players in the transition, Clermont County entities assisting with the dissolution include the Prosecutor’s Office, Auditor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Engineer’s Office, and departments under the Board of County Commissioners (Public Safety, Water Resources, Building Inspection, Community and Economic Development).

Public Safety – Police and fire coverage is in place. On Nov. 25, 911 coverage was transferred to Clermont County Public Safety, which is already dispatching police and fire. The Sheriff’s Office and Pierce Township have begun law enforcement coverage of Amelia. Police vehicles and firearms have been secured. An audit of the evidence room began immediately on Nov. 25 and will continue.

Roads – Plans are underway for Pierce Township (nine miles) and Batavia Township (four miles) to assume responsibility of roads. The County Engineer’s Office takes responsibility for inspections of new streets in subdivisions and is working with ODOT on speed studies of major thoroughfares. The Clermont County Engineer’s Office will assume responsibility for portions of Chapel Road and Amelia Olive Branch (less than ½ mile total).

Water and Sewer – Water and sanitary sewer service to properties within the incorporated limits of the Village of Amelia should not be impacted.  These properties are already served by the Clermont County Water Resources Department and/or the Tate-Monroe Water Association.

Taxes – Real Estate Tax collections will continue for the village in 2020; based upon the tax lien date of January 1, 2019.

Administration — The mayor of Amelia becomes the administrator during the transition, the legal counsel for Amelia continues, and its fiscal officer stays in place.