Timothy Dick named director of Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services

BATAVIA, OH (Nov. 19, 2019) – Timothy Dick, 48, of Union Township has been promoted to director of the Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS). The Clermont County Board of County Commissioners appointed Dick to the position on Nov. 4. He had served as interim director of DJFS for five months.

DJFS is comprised of four divisions, including Public Assistance (Medicaid, Child Care, SNAP Food assistance), Child Support Enforcement, Ohio Means Jobs (training and connecting unemployed and under-employed citizens with local businesses with hiring needs) and Children’s Protective Services.  Collectively, DJFS administers about 100 programs with 50 major Federal and State funding streams.

“Having a stable, well trained staff is essential to effectively administer so many different programs,” Dick said. “Equally as important is having public and private community partners that support and collaborate with our different divisions, so we can understand the needs in the community and share knowledge about available resources for the citizens of Clermont County.”

Dick was with Children’s Protective Services for 12 years, the last 10 years as the deputy director. He went into the Army upon completing high school. After his enlistment, he joined the Ohio National Guard while he went through college. He was in the service for eight years. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with Bachelor’s Degrees in Justice Studies and Sociology. After graduation, he started working for Clermont County Juvenile Court Judge Stephanie Wyler. He worked for Judge Wyler for 10 years as a probation officer before transferring to Children’s Protective Services.

David Painter, president of the Clermont County Board of Commissioners, said: “Based on his experience as interim director and long history in social services, Tim will do a great job serving Clermont County in this key role. He oversees a department that helps many Clermont County residents through its Child Support Division, Children’s Protective Services, Public Assistance Services and Ohio Means Jobs Clermont operations. We feel fortunate to have such a capable leader in this position.”

“We were very fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated leader right here in Clermont County for this vital role,” County Commissioner Claire Corcoran said. “The Department of Job and Family Services has a major impact on many individuals and families in our county. The Child Support Division collects about $36 million annually on behalf of 48,000 individuals. Children’s Protective Services investigates more than a thousand cases of child abuse and neglect per year, works with 95 foster families, and seeks adoption for 15 or more kids at a time. Public Assistance Services helps more than 35,000 Medicaid recipients, 13,000 food stamp clients, 400-plus households receiving Ohio Works First cash assistance, and 500-some families getting subsidized child care.”

“I’ve gotten to know Tim Dick during his time with Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services – and have found him very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to his work,” Commissioner Ed Humphrey said. “The Department of Job and Family Services plays a big role in helping many people throughout the county through its four divisions. We wish Tim the best as he takes on this huge responsibility, one that he’s very capable of handling.”

“Tim has proven himself over the years as a very capable leader,” County Administrator Thomas Eigel said. “He brings a wealth of first-hand experience as well as compassion for the vulnerable population that the Department of Job and Family Services assists every day. He will do a great job in this important position, leading a department that touches the lives of thousands of Clermont County residents.”