Commissioners amend rules for public participation at board sessions

BATAVIA, Ohio (Jan. 23, 2019) – At their Jan. 17 Regular Session, Clermont County Commissioners voted to amend the board’s Rules of Procedures for Session. The amended rules took effect today, Jan. 23, at the Commissioners’  Regular Session.

The amendments modified the duties of the President of the Board and changed the sequence of Session agenda items by moving the public participation segment toward the beginning of Session,  before Commissioners begin voting on the agenda items.

The amended rules can be located on the Clermont County website here.

“We want to ensure that the public can comment on items on the agenda before the Commissioners begin voting,” said Commissioner David Painter, President of the Board. “We want our citizens to know that we take their input seriously, and we will listen to them and take their concerns into account before we vote on an item.”

Commissioner Ed Humphrey, Vice President of the Board, agreed.  “It’s important that the public know that they have a voice at our Sessions should they wish to exercise it. We welcome their thoughts and insights, and it makes more sense to have that participation at the beginning of our Sessions.”

Commissioner Claire Corcoran added, “Public participation is an important part of the democratic process. We appreciate it when citizens take the time to come to Session to voice their opinion. The Commissioners welcome this change.”