FAQ on Federal Government shutdown and impact on Clermont County Food Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the Federal Government shutdown affecting Clermont County?

A. The primary impact currently is on those residents who receive Food Assistance benefits (also known as SNAP). These benefits are funded by the federal government, and flow through the State of Ohio to individual counties. Food Assistance benefits for the month of January were issued through the regular issuance cycle. 

The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services is issuing recurring February Food Assistance benefits in January.  The February monthly Food Assistance benefit should be available to individuals on Jan. 20.  

Q. If I am receiving Food Assistance benefits, what does that mean?

A. Food Assistance benefits FOR FEBRUARY will be available for you to download to your EBT/SNAP card from Jan. 20 through Feb. 28. This early issuance will be your FULL BENEFITS for February.  We encourage our customers to plan their purchases carefully so that they have money available to meet their food needs through the end of February.  

Q. If I am applying for Food Assistance benefits or completing a recertification application, will I receive Food Assistance benefits for February?

A. We encourage applicants to complete the application process (answer questions, complete forms, provide verifications) as quickly as possible so that our agency may approve the application for benefits before the end of January

Q. What about March benefits?

A. We don’t know yet when or if March benefits will be available.

Q. What if I run short in February and need some additional assistance?

A. The following organizations provide food and nutrition services in Clermont County.

                Location Organization Phone Number
Amelia Grace & Mercy (513) 753-1555
Amelia and Newtown Inter Parish Ministries (513) 561-3932
Batavia Christian Help Center (513) 753-9400
Felicity United Methodist Church (513) 876-2147
Milford Miami Milford Miami Ministry (513) 248-1114

 Q. How will I know that my February Food Assistance benefits are available to me?

A. Contact the Direction Card Customer Service by calling 1.866.386.3071 or visiting www.ebt.acs-inc.com.

Q. Are there any other ways the shutdown is affecting Clermont County government?

A. There is minimal impact on some funding streams from the federal government to the county, but Food Assistance is the one that affects our residents now. As the Federal Government shutdown continues, and other impacts to Clermont County become known, more details will be provided.