Judges McBride, Brock take lead roles for 2019

Judge Jerry McBride

BATAVIA, Ohio (Jan. 15, 2019) – Clermont Common Pleas Judge Jerry McBride has been elected as the administrative judge of the General Division of the Clermont County Common Pleas Court for 2019. The administrative judge has full responsibility and control over the administration, docket, and calendar of the court.

Judge McBride is responsible to the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio in the discharge of the administrative judge’s duties, for the court’s adherence to the Ohio Rules of Superintendence, and for the termination of all cases in the court without undue delay.  Judge McBride was first elected to Common Pleas Court in 1994.

Common Pleas Judge Anthony Brock has been elected presiding judge for 2019, by judges from all divisions of the Clermont County Common Pleas Court system.  As presiding judge, Brock conducts an annual judicial meeting and other meetings as needed to discuss and resolve administrative issues common to all divisions of the court. He may also assign judges, on a temporary basis, to serve in another division of the court if required.

Judge Anthony Brock

Judge Brock also has the authority to appoint members to the Public Defenders Commission, Veterans’ Service Commission, the Law Library Resource Board, the Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority Board, and the Facility Governing Board for the Multi-County Community Correctional Center. Judge Brock was first elected to Clermont County Common Pleas Court in 2017.