Per diem rates increase for some foster care children

BATAVIA, Ohio (Oct. 24, 2018) – Clermont County Commissioners recently approved an increase to the per diem rate for therapeutic foster care children.

The rate increased from $40 per day to $60 or $70 per day, depending on the number of children in the foster care home.

Children who are considered to be therapeutic demonstrate behavior that is considered from moderate to high risk, and may require psychiatric treatment. The child may be depressed, or have bouts of physical aggression, or frequent emotional outbursts.

“The needs of these children place more demands on their foster parents,” said Sara Faison, Foster Care and Visitation Supervisor.

“They may need to see a therapist on a regular basis, or require additional medical attention. The previous rate was $40 per day, and we did not think that was adequate to meet the particular needs of these children.” The rate was last increased in 2013, Faison said.

One of the reasons Children’s Protective Services, which oversees the county’s foster care program, wanted to increase the therapeutic rate was to keep these children closer to their homes. “These children have often been placed in homes or centers outside the county,” Faison said. “We hope that by increasing the per diem rate, we can keep these children closer to their biological families, and keep them in the same school. This offers more stability to the child, which is so important.”

The $60 per day rate is for families with one or two children in foster care, and applies only to the therapeutic child. The $70 per day rate is for families with three or more foster children, and again applies only to therapeutic children.

Commissioners also approved an increase in mileage rates, from $.40 per mile to a standardized reimbursement rate listed by the U.S. General Services Administration, currently $.545 per mile. Foster parents are reimbursed for transporting children to approved medical and counseling appointments, and visitations with parents.

For a complete list of current per diem rates for foster care children, which depend on the age of the child, whether the placement is considered an emergency, and other factors, click here:

“We would love to attract more foster care parents from Clermont County,” Faison said. “We are very supportive of our foster care parents, and they also support each other. It is far better for every child in foster care to stay as close as possible to their home so that the disruption they are experiencing isn’t worsened by a distant placement.”

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