Clermont Commissioners OK resolution to oppose Issue 1

BATAVIA, Ohio (Oct. 3, 2018) – Clermont County Commissioners passed a resolution opposing Issue 1, a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution, at their Regular Session on Oct. 3.

The resolution states:

Recommendation to adopt Resolution Number 162-18 resolving to oppose the proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution known as Issue One, which will be presented to the voters of the State of Ohio on November 6, 2018, and, if passed, will have disastrous results for the residents of Clermont County and the State of Ohio; will expose Ohioans to an increase in substance abuse activity and criminal behavior as there will be little to no consequences for engaging in such; will further financially burden Clermont County and other counties in Ohio already faced with significant funding reductions; and will shift the financial burden from the State to Clermont County, thereby damaging Clermont County’s fiscal health and increasing the tax burden on Clermont County citizens and hereby strongly encourage the voters of Clermont County to vote NO on Issue One.

During discussion on the resolution, Commissioner David Painter said, “Everyone realizes there needs to be something done in Ohio with the sentencing structure as it pertains to substance abuse disorders. However, this particular document (amendment) takes the ability of judges and the criminal system to encourage and/or require those that violate the law in possession or trafficking to seek such rehabilitation.”

Commissioner David Uible said, “We’ve also heard from all of our Common Please judges who are also opposed to Issue I so it made it much easier to consider what was obvious.”

The General Election will be held Nov. 6.

(This article was updated on Oct. 30, 2018.)


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