Tire Collection Days in August for Adams, Clermont counties

BATAVIA, Ohio – The Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District will hold several tire collection days in August.

Tires eligible include rim, passenger, truck and tractor tires. The first 10 tires are free. After that, there will be a fee of $2 per tire. Cash or credit card will be accepted.

Tire Collection Days are funded by a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. These grants are becoming more competitive and limited, said Hannah Lubbers of the Solid Waste District.

“Next year, the Ohio EPA will require a collection fee for all grant-funded tire days,” she said. “But we decided to implement the fee this year because some private companies were taking advantage of the collection days to subsidize their businesses. The grant funds are meant to clean up old nuisance piles for residents, not to subsidize tire-related businesses.”

The Solid Waste District can help businesses to find recycling options for proper tire management. Call 513.732.7894 for details.

Scrap tires lying around a property not only look bad, but they can pose a health and safety risk by acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and vermin. If left in the environment for long periods of time, abandoned tires can leach toxic chemicals, such as zinc, heavy metals, vulcanization and rubber chemicals into ground and surface waters.

Municipal solid waste landfills won’t collect tires on trash routes and can’t accept them at their landfills, Lubbers noted. Dumping scrap tires over the hillside or on the side of the road is illegal and harmful to the environment. “Many citizens are unaware that there are many free and legal options for residents of Adams and Clermont Counties to dispose of scrap tires,” she said.

If tires have been dumped on your property, the Solid Waste District can have them removed and properly recycled. If you have been the victim of illegal dumping, call 513.732.7745 to make clean-up arrangements.

For more information on Tire Collection Days, call 513.732.7745 or go to http://oeq.net/tiredays.