Commissioners OK Aicholtz Road name changes

BATAVIA, Ohio (Nov. 8, 2017) – County Commissioners approved today (Nov. 8)  the renaming of several stretches of Aicholtz Road in Union Township. The Commissioners accepted the recommendation of County Engineer Pat Manger, who proposed the renaming following the completion of the Aicholtz Road Connector earlier this fall.

These are the changes:

Current addresses 550-583 on Old State Route 74 becomes Aicholtz Road, affecting 10 properties.

Current addresses 616-645 on Rust Lane becomes Aicholtz Road, affecting 11 properties.

Current addresses 4527-4533 on Aicholtz Road becomes Summerside Road, affecting five properties.

Current addresses 4503-4511 on Aicholtz Road becomes Flurin Lane, affecting four properties.

The changes go into effect immediately. The Engineer’s Office will install new street signs as early as next week.

The Aicholtz Road Connector, which took two years to complete and cost $6.25 million, reopened a portion of Aicholtz Road that was severed when Interstate 275 was originally built. The project now allows for direct access to Eastgate. The name changes made sense given the reconfiguring of the roads, Manger told Commissioners at a public hearing on Oct. 25.

Union Township trustees voted to support the proposed changes on Sept.  14.