County sending hard drive with 3 BCC sessions to data recovery firm

BATAVIA, Ohio (June 29, 2017) – The digital videos recorded during the Clermont County Board of Commissioners’ Sessions on March 27, May 8 and June 28 had technical issues. Two of them could not be uploaded to the county’s YouTube channel, and one had audio problems.

Internal staff attempts to locate the Commissioners’ Sessions on a computer hard drive have been unsuccessful. The hard drive that contains all the files is being sent to KrollOntrack, a national data recovery firm.

In the latest case, on June 28, the Information Systems Department (ISD) help desk worked on locating the file. “We believe that when the file was being uploaded to YouTube, the video capture software had not completed the file,” said Brandon Hoeppner, Director of ISD. “Because the video appeared stalled at the 16% upload mark on YouTube, the video system was rebooted. At that point, the video could not be recovered.”

Although YouTube videos of the Session are important to the County, the Session minutes, which can be found on this page ( of the County website, serve as the official public record.

“The current video system is a bit dated,” said Commissioner Ed Humphrey, Vice President of the Board. “New and better recording technology exists. The county will be pursuing the purchase of a new video recording system.”

“Commissioners place the highest premium on transparency,” said Board President David Uible. “We are diligent about posting the recorded sessions to YouTube as well as posting the minutes as quickly as possible. We regret that this recording had issues, and we are making every effort to recover it.”

Commissioner David Painter said, “We are enlisting the help of a reputable firm and putting  our resources toward recovering these files. As Commissioner Uible said, transparency is important to us. We encourage our citizens to attend Session, and our YouTube videos allow many people to see Session who can’t be there. So we don’t take this lightly.

“As soon as we know whether the recordings can be recovered, we will communicate that information to the public,” Commissioner Painter said.

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