Domestic Court, Literacy Council team up

BATAVIA, Ohio (June 26, 2017) — Clermont County Domestic Relations Court is partnering with the Literacy Council of Clermont & Brown Counties to help litigants who can’t read or who read poorly and need help in filling out court forms.

The Literacy Council will help train Domestic Court employees to identify, assist, and refer a non-reader or low-level reader to the Literacy Council for services, according to Judge Kathleen Rodenberg.

Susan Vilardo, Executive Director of the Literacy Council, is not surprised that court employees are often asked to assist litigants in filling out forms. “A non-reader or low-level reader rarely mentions that they have trouble reading or cannot read. Instead, they may say that their glasses were left at home or in the car or that their handwriting is so awful that no one can read it.”

In some cases, non-readers are too embarrassed to admit that they need help, Vilardo said.

The Literacy Council has also agreed to offer a new service in the form of a trained tutor who can read the various court forms to those who need the assistance.

Judge Rodenberg and Susan Vilardo both agree that this partnership is “a win, win” situation for the citizens of Clermont County.

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