Notice of Intent to Sell Unneeded, Obsolete, or Unfit Personal Property

Clermont Sun: 02/09/17 & 02/23/17


Pursuant to and in compliance with Section 307.12 (E) of the Ohio Revised Code, the Board of County Commissioners of Clermont County, Ohio, adopted Resolution Number 1617 on February 1, 2017, resolving to authorize the sale of unneeded, obsolete or unfit personal property no longer necessary for County use by Internet Auction during Calendar Year 2017.  The Board of County Commissioners of Clermont County, Ohio, has contracted with GovDeals, Inc., 5907 Carmichael Place, Montgomery, Alabama  36117, 1-800-613-0156, via for the sale of said unneeded, obsolete or unfit personal property no longer necessary for County use by Internet Auction.

Following is a summary of the terms and conditions as established by the Board of Clermont County Commissioners.

  1. Auction Time-Frame – Each auction item will be posted for receipt of bids for at least ten (10) calendar days, including weekends and holidays, unless withdrawn by the Board.
  2. Each auction item is being sold “as is”.
  3. County’s Contact – Clermont County Information Systems Department, 2279 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, Ohio 45103 or 513-735-8609.
  4. Valueless Property – If no bid is received by the posted bid ending date and time for any specific item, the item is determined to be valueless and may be discarded or salvaged pursuant to Section 307.12(I) of the Ohio Revised Code.
  5. Item Withdrawal – The Board reserves the right to withdraw any item from the auction at any point prior to the award of bid.
  6. Notification – Only the successful bidders will be notified. Notification will be made by e-mail and posted to the auction web site.
  7. Pick-up – All items must be picked up in person. The County will not package or ship any items. Successful bidders must pay for items within five (5) business days of notification of successful bid and pick up items within ten (10) days of notification of successful bid. If an item has not been paid for within five (5) business days, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder. If a purchaser of an auction item does not take physical possession of the item by removing it from the County warehouse within ten (10) days of payment by purchaser, then the purchaser will be deemed to have abandoned the item of property and to have forfeited the purchase price paid. If an item remains unclaimed by any valid bidder, said item will be disposed of as valueless or at the discretion of the Board re-posted for auction. Successful bidders must arrange the pick-up of items with the County’s Information Systems Department at least two days before the desired time and date of pick-up. Successful bidder must present their confirmation number and bid number at the time of pick-up. Proof of authority must be presented if the successful bidder is a public entity.
  8. Donation – The Board reserves the right to donate any item determined to be unneeded, obsolete or unfit personal property no longer needed for county use to the Federal Government, the State of Ohio, or any political subdivision of the State of Ohio.
  9. Minimum Bid Price – The Board reserves the right to establish a minimum bid price per auction item. Bids will be placed in increments of at least one dollar ($1.00). Five dollars ($5.00) will be the minimum bid amount unless otherwise specified.
  10. Method of Payment – All payments must be made at the time of pick-up by personal check or money order made payable to the Clermont County Treasurer. A valid driver’s license or other satisfactory identification must be presented with payment in addition to the confirmation number and bid award number notification supplied by the County.

This notice is also posted on the contracting authority’s internet site on the World Wide Web at the following address: In order to view the legal notice click on the link Legal Notices located on the Clermont County Home Page.


David H. Uible, President
Edwin H. Humphrey, Vice President
David L. Painter, Member



Judith Kocica, Clerk of the Board