Clermont County offers many treecycling opportunities

BATAVIA, Ohio (Dec. 28, 2016) – If you have a live tree at home for the holidays, be sure you treecycle, advises the Clermont County Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ).

“Because live Christmas trees use carbon neutral production, are made locally, and can be easily recycled, they are more eco-friendly than their artificial counterparts, which are often manufactured overseas and don’t decompose,” said Hannah Lubbers of OEQ.

Treecycling means recycling your cut Christmas tree, so that it can be used as compost or mulch. Trees contain valuable nutrients that can be used in many other capacities, Lubbers said. Trees can get a second life after they are chipped – they can be used for mulch and hiking trails; they can become a fish habitat, or they can be used for beachfront erosion or shoreline stabilization projects.

Locally, many communities and the Clermont County Park District offer opportunities for you to treecycle.  But before you take your tree to a collection site or haul it to the curb for pick-up, please be sure to remove all lights, tinsel, and decorations.

Among Clermont County recycling opportunities: