Time to get 2017 license for your dog

By Commissioner Ed Humphrey

A mere $16 will buy your dog a great Christmas present, and bring you peace of mind. That’s how much a 2017 dog license costs in Clermont County.

In Clermont County, more than 18,000 dogs were licensed in 2016. But we estimate that is less than half the number of dogs in the county. We can do better than that!

So why should you license your dog? Most importantly, if your dog is lost, you have a much better chance of being reunited if your pet has a current tag. If your dog is brought to the county animal shelter, you will be notified quickly. If the dog does not have tags, your odds of being reunited go down dramatically. And you won’t pay any penalty when you claim your dog.

The county animal shelter, managed by Clermont to the Rescue Humane Society, takes in an average of 61 stray dogs a month. Many are neither licensed nor microchipped, so it is much harder to find their owners.

Your tag fees support the operations at the animal shelter. Clermont to the Rescue provides shelter, food and medicine to dogs that are brought to the shelter. In 2015, approximately $309,000 in license fees helped to fund the shelter. As well, the fees help to support the work of the county dog warden, who helps protect citizens against dangerous dogs and also investigates claims of animal cruelty.

You can buy your tags through Jan. 31, 2017, at many spots throughout the county, including the Clermont County Administration Building, 101 E. Main St., Batavia, from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Licenses are also available from various vendors from throughout the county, which can be found on the Auditor’s website here.  Licenses bought after Jan. 31 are charged a $16 late fee.

So do your pet – and yourself — a favor for 2017. Buy that tag and put it on your pet’s collar. If you love your dog, you’ll want to license your dog.


Locations to buy tags:

Ace Hardware                                                   Animal Rescue Fund                       Hillside Small Animal Hospital
675 Loveland Madeira Road                         85 Lucy Run Road                             4400 Hartman Lane
Loveland 45140                                               Amelia 45102                                     Batavia 45103
(513) 583-1415                                                 (513) 753-9252                                   (513) 735-0738

Auditor’s Office                                                Beck’s Hardware
101 E Main St.                                                  1798 State Route 28
Batavia 45103                                                   Goshen 45122
(513) 732-7150                                                 (513) 722-2000

Bethel Feed & Supply                                    Clermont to the Rescue Humane Society
528 W. Plane St.                                             4025 Filager Road
Bethel  45106                                                  Batavia 45103
(513) 734-2246                                               (513) 732-8854

EADS Fence Co.                                             Kennel Resorts
131 Broadway                                                  5825 Meadowview Drive
Loveland 45140                                              Milford 45150
(513)677-4040                                                (513) 831-7297

League for Animal Welfare                          Lifetime Pet Center of New Richmond
4193 Taylor Road                                           1044-A Old US 52
Batavia  45103                                                New Richmond 45157
(513) 735-2299                                               (513) 553-9954

Family Animal Hospital                                Milford Village Veterinary Clinic
333 W. Main St.                                               736 Lila Ave.
Batavia 45103                                                  Milford 45150
(513) 732-1116                                                  (513) 831-1882

Clough Pike Animal Clinic                            Hall’s Hardware
1940 Clough Pike                                            523 Market St.
Batavia 45103                                                  Felicity 45120
(513) 732-1575                                                 (513) 876-2262

TailWaggers Doggy Daycare                         Carney’s Feed Mill
4528 Aicholtz Road                                         5284 Edman Road
Cincinnati 45245                                             Batavia 45103
(513) 843-4340                                                (513) 625-7755