Planning a home renovation? Don’t forget about septic system

BATAVIA, Ohio (June 1, 2016) — Are you planning on upgrading your home or property this summer? Maybe your plans include putting in a new swimming pool, building a detached garage, or adding a new family room or master bedroom suite. If your home has an onsite septic system, the plans must be approved by Clermont County Public Health, before building permits can be issued.

The Ohio Department of Health requires that any new structure must be a minimum of 10 feet away from all parts of a septic system. This rule is in place to protect the system from damage during construction. “Because septic systems depend on the soil to treat the wastewater, any change to the soil structure could cause the system to fail. A failing system will not only pollute the environment, but can be costly to repair or replace,” said Robert Wildey, director of the water and waste division of Clermont County Public Health.

If your project includes additional bedrooms, the Clermont County Board of Health must grant approval for the project. “Adding an additional bedroom and extra people to a household can increase waste water flow by as much as 120 gallons per day. If your system isn’t designed to handle that increase, it can affect its ability to work properly,” Wildey said.

“We want to be proactive, and address any potential problems with the homeowner before they occur. Protecting the onsite system now, and providing a buffer around it, will save money in the long run by keeping the system operating properly,” he added.

Clermont County Public Health inspects approximately 6,000 septic systems annually to ensure they are working properly. If you have an onsite septic system, and are considering a construction project on your property, call 513-732-7499 to get your plans approved before you begin.


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