Stephen Haynes Named Director of Public Defender Office

Stephen HaynesBATAVIA, Ohio (Nov. 10, 2015) – Stephen Haynes, formerly a partner with Haynes & Snyder, was recently named Director of the Public Defender’s Office for Clermont County.

Haynes, who has worked on a part-time basis with the Public Defender’s Office since 1984, replaced R. Daniel Hannon, who retired in October.

He supervises a staff of 17 assistant public defenders who handle a caseload of approximately 8,000 cases a year.

The Public Defender’s Office represents those who cannot afford to hire an attorney and are charged with offenses that could result in them being incarcerated, said Haynes.  Generally, these are criminal offenses (including Operating a Vehicle While Impaired and other traffic charges that carry a potential jail or prison sentence), juvenile delinquency, child support contempt and appeals of those matters.

Haynes was selected by the Clermont County Public Defender Commission, which is composed of five members appointed by Clermont County Common Pleas judges and County Commissioners. His position is full time.

“I strongly believe in the right to counsel and principles established by the U.S. Supreme Court in  Gideon v. Wainright, and that without effective defense counsel our system of justice does not work, resulting in injustices,” Haynes said.  “I’ve been a criminal defense lawyer my entire practice and also was a part-time assistant public defender and want to ensure the office fulfills its mission to provide a good defense for those who can’t afford an attorney. “

Haynes, who has practiced law for 31 years, received his law degree from Ohio State University in 1983. He lives in Batavia with his wife, Terrell Snyder, until recently his law partner. Their son, Campbell, recently graduated from Batavia High School and is a freshman in college. #####