Commissioner Proud Elected to NADO Board

ProudBATAVIA, Ohio (Sept. 25, 2014) – Bob Proud, Vice President of Clermont County Board of Commissioners and Chairman of the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission, was elected to the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) 2014–2015 Board of Directors at NADO’s Annual Business Meeting Aug. 26. The meeting was held in conjunction with the association’s 47th Annual Training Conference in Denver, Colorado.

NADO was founded in 1967 to provide training, information, and representation for regional development organizations throughout the United States. NADO member organizations serve local governments and the public within their regions through various programs focused on diversifying local economies, assisting businesses, creating jobs, and providing social services. The NADO Board of Directors oversees the association’s budget and operations and develops policy on issues affecting regional development organizations.

“We are honored to have Bob serve on NADO’s Board of Directors.  Bob brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and leadership on regional community and economic development issues to the national level,” said Joe McKinney, NADO Executive Director. “Most importantly, Bob is focused on helping our nation’s local communities pursue comprehensive regional strategies for remaining economically competitive in today’s rapidly changing global environment.”

NADO’s board includes member organizations that represent a broad section of the United States including the Eastern, Midwestern, Southeastern, Southwestern, and Western regions.

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