Shor Park tour to highlight habitat improvements

BATAVIA, Ohio (June 16, 2014) —  The Clermont County Park District and Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)  will host a guided tour of the newly renovated Shor Park in Union Township 10:30 a.m.- noon July 9 to showcase habitat improvements that will help absorb and filter stormwater runoff. The Shor Park project was designed as a demonstration site for local communities looking for solutions to flooding and water pollution. Shor Park is located at 4659 Tealtown Road.

The project includes the restoration of more than 9 acres of wetland habitat, the installation of two bio-swales and one rain garden, and the replanting of many native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers that once thrived in the area. “Our goal was to restore the property’s natural  features to benefit plants and wildlife, while also making the landscape functional to address stormwater,” says Chris Clingman, director of the Park District. The park’s wetlands act like sponges during storm events, holding back and filtering runoff,  before the water drains to local streams. Similarly, the rain garden and bio-swales, which are essentially linear rain gardens at the center of the parking lot, are designed with special soil types and deep-rooted plants that help absorb and filter pollutants from the water that runs off the parking lot.

Many communities are implementing these natural practices, also referred to as “green infrastructure,” as a complement to existing stormwater collection systems.  “Clean water is a top priority for Clermont County,” says Clermont County Commissioner Bob Proud.  “Green infrastructure practices, like bio-swales, can be a very effective and affordable tool for local communities.”

Those interested in attending the tour at Shor Park can register at  For more information on this project, contact the Park District or Clermont SWCD, or visit the project website:

Picture above: Native plants at Shor Park help with runoff.

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