Construction Update from Clermont County – Eastgate area is open, improved and ready for the holiday

Eastgate constructionBatavia, OH – President of the Board of County Commissioners, Ed Humphrey, and County Engineer, Pat Manger, report the Eastgate shopping area in Union Township is open for the holiday season. Road projects are complete and traveling through the area is much easier. “Traffic patterns around the Eastgate Mall are open and ready for the holidays,” said Commissioner Humphrey. “This was a cooperative effort between the County Engineer, the Transportation Improvement District, the Ohio Department of Transportation and Union Township.”

Last year the first phase began with North Frontage Road, the road that runs in front of Golf Galaxy and Garden Ridge. The work in this area is now complete and open for traffic. “We’re excited to report that the first and second phases of our robust plan, which started about a year ago, are now complete. This large-scale, regional project includes three phases that contain significant effects and improvements in the Eastgate area,” said Manger. “I’m happy to inform citizens that we are ready for Black Friday and beyond!” Manger explains the results of phase one were twofold. One, it opened the intersection to Eastgate Mall, located on Eastgate Boulevard, to create better flow in the previously restricted area and two, the project also improved the way drivers interfaced with State Route 32, opening more exit ramps for easier travel.

Phase two includes the substantial lane restrictions that motorist started experiencing in the summer due to widening the Eastgate Boulevard Bridge. Three full lanes, in each direction, will be open during the holiday season. The new loop ramp from northbound Eastgate Boulevard to westbound State Route 32, which has also been closed for the summer, is now improved and operational. “Opening all the lanes, starting at Clepper Lane and improving the existing ramp, will provide more capacity for citizens,” said Manger. “Our full scale project is not complete, but we have made major advancements.”

The third phase of the project is ongoing and expected to conclude next winter. Manger stated, “We want citizens to know some of the original construction is staying and some of the new is complete.” For more information about the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District and road projects, visit

The County Commissioners would like the public to know orange construction barrels and dirt movement are in the area, but not causing a hindrance to travel. “Lane restrictions are over and travelers will be able to shop and return home easily,” stated Commissioner Humphrey.


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