Clermont Operations Supervisor receives OWEA Professional Wastewater Operations Award

PiggBatavia, OH – David Pigg, Clermont County Operations Supervisor at the Wards Corner Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, was awarded the “Professional Wastewater Operations Award (P.W.O)” from the Ohio Water Environment Association (OWEA) this past June at their Annual Conference.  The OWEA honors individuals with the P.W.O award for doing “Front Line” work that has contributed practical application, professionalism and dedication to their particular wastewater treatment system.

Pigg has worked for the Clermont County Water Resources Department since 2003. During his time with the county, he quickly became the key front-line operator at the Lower East Fork Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and maintains a Class III Wastewater Operator license. Pigg led the development of the Lower East Fork plant’s Preventive Maintenance Program, leveraging the experience he gained while in the Navy. He also revised the Corrective Maintenance Program to fully document all breakdowns and alterations to plant equipment and occasionally he will ‘design’ or devise repair parts when not readily available for purchase. 

Pigg is known by his co-workers for his dependable dedication and strong work ethic which, along with his professional achievements, recently earned him a promotion to the position of Operations Supervisor over the Wards Corner WWTP of Clermont County. During a major Plant Improvements Project in 2006 and 2007, Pigg was instrumental in resolving non-potable water supply reliability issues for the Dewatering Building along with streamlining the new plant seeding process. “David is a hard-working, dedicated professional who routinely goes above and beyond to improve the plant and make things better for plant staff. We are all proud of him for receiving the OWEA Award; he definitely deserves it,” stated Lyle G. Bloom, Director of Utilities at the Clermont County Water Resources Department.

Individuals within the Clermont County Water Resources Department are members of OWEA. Bloom said, “OWEA is an excellent resource for new technology and common challenges that the local water and wastewater industries face.  The organization offers local training and educational opportunities through workshops, seminars and publications.”  OWEA collaborates with its members to find solutions for environmental concerns working closely together to meet their mission of “preserving and enhancing the global water environment.” OWEA is divided into four sections, each having its own governing structure. These sections are divided to represent the four corners of the state which allows these areas to be further involved with the matters of their particular region. “The Ohio Water Environment Association is a non-profit, wastewater related organization with nearly 2000 members dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our most precious natural resource …WATER,” retrieved from  August 5, 2013. 

Pictured from left to right: David Pigg, Clermont County Operations Supervisor, and Tom Angelo, 2012-2013 OWEA President.


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