Emergency Preparedness Exercise in Miami Township May 22 – This even is ONLY AN EXERCISE


May 22, 2013


Batavia, Ohio – Local emergency responders from Clermont County will be participating in an Emergency Preparedness Exercise in Miami Township on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. This event is ONLY AN EXERCISE. Emergency Preparedness trainings are intended to strengthen the ability of local responders.  “These type of planned exercises allow the county to evaluate our response efforts and resources, so that we are better prepared for emergency situations,” stated President of the Board of Clermont County Commissioners, Ed Humphrey.

The Clermont County Local Emergency Planning Committee, Miami Township and various emergency response agencies have been planning the exercise for more than six months. This Emergency Preparedness Exercise is a hands-on training opportunity that evaluates the coordination of law enforcement, fire, emergency medical personnel, 9-1-1 dispatchers, hazardous materials response teams, and local support agencies in response to a simulated emergency. “These exercises go a very long way in strengthening the communication and cooperation that is essential during a true emergency,” stated Commissioner Bob Proud. “By taking these steps to adequately prepare, it is our hope to minimize the loss of life and property.”

Citizens will notice a large amount of police, fire and other emergency responders in the area on Wednesday. “These types of training exercises help the county evaluate and refine our emergency response plans,” stated Pam Broughton, Clermont County Emergency Management Agency Director. The exercise on May 22 will simulate an accidental hazardous materials release at a local chemical facility. “Do not to be alarmed, this is only a training exercise and there is no real threat or danger during the training,” said Broughton. Emergency vehicle lights and sirens will not be used during the exercise.

The exercise will begin around 9:00 AM and end at approximately 12:00 PM. Emergency response vehicles will be staged at Camp Friedlander (581 Ibold Road). Local response agencies will respond to the Airgas USA, LLC facility (160 Glendale Milford Road) for the simulated emergency.

Participating agencies include: the Miami Township Fire and EMS Department, Miami Township Police Department, Airgas USA, LLC, Clermont County Department of Public Safety Services, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department, Central Joint Fire and EMS District, Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, Greater Cincinnati Hazardous Materials Unit, Mercy Health Clermont Hospital, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and more.

For additional information about this or other county news, contact Clermont County Communications Director, Annette Meagher at (513) 441-9647 or by e-mail, ameagher@clermontcountyohio.gov